Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Traveler's Gift

Book:  The Traveler's Gift
Author:  Andy Andrews

One a few months ago, he was a successful executive.  Now he's a desperate man.  But a divine adventure is about the unfold.  David Ponder is on an incredible journey that will help you discover the Seven Decisions for Success.

I am in love with the book "The Noticer" - even gave it out to a bunch of my reading friends for Christmas.  This book was before that book so I knew I had to pick it up & give it a go... Yes, I loved this book as well. 

David is on top of the world & then in a blink of an eye, the world turns upside down on him.  In the most desperate of hours, he soon goes through a time-travel adventure where he meets up with seven others who give him advice & wisdom. 

Each one of the these people have a scroll they hand him that has a lesson for his success - & while he is back in the various points in history, they have conversations that are just amazing. 

I can totally see King Solomon saying some of the words he says - or even Anne Frank being such a wise young lady...

You can go to see alot of the quotes I got out of this book... things that are so powerful & insightful...

The last visitor is with Gabriel & their visit just about killed me... SPOILER ALERT>>>>>> If you dont want to know... skip on down.... but Gabriel takes him into "..a place that never was"... the things that people give up or dont persue.  The blessings that God wants to bestow but people give up & dont have enough faith for.  Oh mercy - talk about eye opening!  The book describes it so beautifully.

Every conversation is done so beautifully...

As you can tell from all the quotes I have on my "Quote me on that" blog - it touched me to the heart..

My Rating: 5 skeins!!!

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