Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Satan's Whispers

Book: Satan's Whispers
Author:  Robert Don Hughes

Liar... lies... the father of lies.
Can you hear Satan's whispers?  Which of his lies bind you?

I read "Questioning God" & saw that the author wrote this book first.  I found it on Half.com & got it for like 50 cents.  It looks like it came out n 1992 & this book is OLD & the pages have yellowed & it looks worn... but the message is stll the same.

Why?  Because the whispers of Satan is still the same...

This book goes the opposite of "Questioning God" - it holds what a would-be conversation with Satan would look like.  Some of the title of the chapters are:
"Why would God worry about you?  you're worthless!"
"Go ahead & sin!  Nobody has to know"
"Not even God can forgive what you did"

Having read both books, its interesting because some of the questions are the same as the other book, just different perspective.  And that's where it comes in.... because I really think Satan works his same old tricks, after all this time, so some of the "comments" Satan made in here, its exactly what I have felt myself in those moments of despair....

But, with Scripture backing Satan down in every chapter, it leaves you feeling encouraged &  lifted up & knowing that Satan is the father of lies!!!!

It also challenged me because some of the things that the Satan character would say, would kinda make sense & that would freak me out that I could see that side... but obviously, I'm not alone if the author wrote it out himself too... but again, the answer to that question would come from Scripture, right there in black & white - giving the perfect conformation & answer to sooth the worry....

Really think its an interesting book - even if its a little aged... you too can probably find it for next to nothing.

My rating:  4 skeins


"And so our stories go..." said...

Sounds like a very interesting book. That would freak me out too...if Satan sounded like he has sense...yikes.

myletterstoemily said...

great review and good approach
to know your enemy.

i'm so tired of his lies, lies, lies.