Monday, July 26, 2010

Official Book Club Selection

Book:  Official Book Club Selection
Author: Kathy Griffin

OK... I know... I know... Kathy Griffin is what every Christian is supposed to be against.  But there is something about her that just makes me laugh... I dont know what it is - maybe its the red hair... but I love this lady! 

She's rude, she's crude, she says things just for shock value ... but she has her moments where you can tell she cares about people at the core.  And I cant help but love a lady who stands up for what she believes - doesnt back down because someone tells her she shouldnt do somethiing... & someone who just wants to make people laugh...

Her "Life on the D-List" show makes me laugh every week so I was excited about reading her autobiography.  I wanted to hear more about Maggie too - her mom for those who havent seen the show.

And in Kathy style, she lets the language FLY... so if harsh language & horrible disgusting talking bothers you, then dont even THINK about getting this book.  I swear, I dont know why I laugh at her... I think its because when I read it, (or hear it from her on the TV), I just ignore it... like that cursing aunt that is in every family... you just go, "Oh Aunt so&so.. stop it"... you just get used to it...

It was interesting to see Kathy's rise to fame - the people she's met in life - the behind the scene things with Brooke Shields & what really happened in her marriage.  You can expect nothing but honesty with this lady.

I love Kathy - I love autobiographies... so I loved the book...

My husband was embarassed that I even had the book... even made the comment "Did anyone see you with that?" - like it was going to label me a bad person... well, I'm saying out loud - I love Kathy Griffin!  Because I believe no matter what, Jesus loves Kathy!   (She'd like that - I just know it)

My rating:  4 skeins

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