Friday, August 27, 2010

Stardust on my Pillow

Book:  Stardust on my Pillow
Author:  Patsy Clairmont
194 pages

From "Boxed In', the story of a woman making a starling discovery about a distant aunt she never really knee, to "Cloistered", the tale of a severely phobic woman being gently wooed back into life, popular speaker & writer Patsy Clairmont has crafted a beautiful & impressive first collection of short fiction.

Through the fourteen tales featured, Patsy sensitively explores the themes of compassion & kindness, holiness & hope, whole providing beautifully written inspiration for all of us who desire to spread a little stardust of our own

First Line:  Every afternoon at three o'clock, Papaw sat under the weeping willow tree in his front yard & played the "Chattanooga Choo-Choo- on his harmonica"

Coming out of the Women of Faith weekend & once again being reminded how much I loved Patsy Clairmont, it was a surprise to find this book on my shelf as one I never read.... its an older book...published in 2000 ... but so glad I've had it sitting there waiting on me.

Patsy is just a wonderful writer that you can tell her speaking translates so well to paper.  This book is the perfect book to leave next to a nightstand too.  It has 14 tales that are all so quick to read but each one has a story that found me usually making a sigh, or a "Ahhh" noise, or even a giggle...

Stardust on my Pillow should be on a nightstand so you can lay your head down after reading a tale & "look into the windows of Heaven" ...

My rating:  4 skeins

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