Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ask Billy Graham

Book:  Ask Billy Graham
Compiled by:  Bill Adler

The World's Best-Loved Preacher Answers Your Most Important Questions

Would you like to know what Billy Graham thinks about the most important issues of daily life? What about politics, presidents and terrorism? This book contains answers to questions many of us would ask Billy Graham if we had the good fortune to sit down with the person many call "America's Pastor". Best-selling author Bill Adler arranges topics from Graham's sermons, speeches, interviews, television appearances and writings in an easy to follow Q and A format.

Topics include Billy Graham on: Humor, Politics, Prayer, Technology and Religion, Race, Money, the Church, and Growing Older.

Hear Graham's responses to questions like

*What will heaven be like?
*Why does God bring on natural disasters?
*What do you think about the mixing of religion and politics?
*What do you say to an atheist who doesn't think there is a God?
*What is the greatest spiritual threat facing the United States?
*How can we achieve world peace?
First Line:  Would you like to know what Billy Graham thinks about his life, his work & his family?
I love Billy Graham.  Love his teaching, love his passion, love him.  I think his presence is powerful for God.  I have had the privilege of seeing him in person twice.  I have read most of his books, including his autobiography.  I think he's a treasure of our country, as well as the world.
So I was excited when I found this book on a clearance shelf. 
This book is made up of different questions that has been asked to Mr. Graham over the years from different media sources.  The chapters are broken up into topics - Faith, death, Jesus, Presidents, family ...
It is such a quick read ... I literally got through over 200 pages in one afternoon.  And such a good 'quote' book - so much in simple sentences that I want to write down to remember.  A few of his simple answers even brought tears to my eyes...
The only downside to me on this book (& its not really a downside - just something that bothered me) - was some of the questions were repeated in different chapters.  I was just wanting more & more & didnt want to waste time with the things I've already read.  But if you were just going to a chapter for the topic, I can see why that would be helpful.
If you love Billy Graham (& who doesnt) then this book is a must!
My Rating:  4 skeins

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