Monday, April 30, 2012

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows
Kathleen Long

What's that saying about the devil you know? For Bernie, it's the devil she never expected that changes everything.

Her father's sudden death leaves a gaping void in her life and is one in a series of events that rock her world. Her husband leaves for another woman, and her best friend announces an unplanned pregnancy at the age of forty-one. Bernie's behavior goes from acting out to out-of-hand, and she finds herself in trouble at home, out of work and banned from the mall after a confrontation at the cosmetic counter.

When her mother discovers her father's book of cryptograms, Bernie realizes his encoded lessons in living might be exactly what she needs to survive. From dealing with her family's grief and bonding with her best friend's thirteen-year-old daughter, to dieting, dating and mindless almost-sex with the landscaper, Bernie discovers what her father always knew.

In life, you either choose to sing a rainbow, or you don't.

For Bernie, the singing is about to begin.


I got this book for free on Kindle & the reviews were kinda sketchy... some didnt like it, some did, but nothing overwhelming.

I still gave it a try & so glad I did.

I really enjoyed this book.  Even in the sadness of the circumstances for our character, Bernie.  Her husband cheated on her... their baby died after a few days of birth... she lost her dad & the family was struggling with life after his passing.  Some dark stuff.

But this book was FUNNY

Maybe not so funny to others, but so much that Bernie said & did, I can totally see me reacting the same way... I think that's why I loved it.  I could totally be Bernie.

From her 'freak out' moments in the mall, to her funny reactions to her friend, to her befriending her best friends teenage daughter & being there for her... yep, I could be her.

But loved how Bernie found herself through the book... with the help of her friends & family, & even her little dog :)  Finding herself with the help of her dad who left behind these messages for her to figure out. 

I think the end was predictable, (as most storeis are) - but I enjoyed getting to the end of the story. 

My Rating:  4 skeins
(This book does contain some language)

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