Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Women Fear

What Women Fear: Walking in Faith that TransformsWhat Women Fear: Walking in Faith that Transforms by Angie Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm all about fear...
Dont want to be... but I am.
Afraid of flying - afraid of heights - afraid of suffocating
But then there's the big ones - the fear of the unknown, the fear of what lays ahead, the fear of dying... all things that just show we're not in control of our lives.

I have a hard time with books that are like 'self help' books - they dont hold my attention... but I will say - I really liked this one.
Angie Smith had a way of showing the fear honestly in her life... & so many times, I was sitting shaking my head, knowing exactly what she was saying.

She'd then tie it right to a Biblical story - a person who also experienced fear in their life... & had Jesus/God right there to help them through.

I ended up sitting there reading this, while marking up my bible to remember some of the points Angie made.

I definitely marked up some points that I know I'll have issues with again down the road of life & I'll want to remmeber what the bible says about it...this book will read again.. & again.. & again.

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