Friday, September 28, 2012

Betting on Hope

Betting on HopeBetting on Hope by Kay Keppler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I totally could see this book as a movie...
Dont know why, but with every scene, as it had humor, drama & all leading to the big build up of a big card game, I just saw it becoming a movie on a big screen... I think it would be a good one too :)
This is the story of Hope & her family, whose ends up loosing their ranch when their gambling father looses it in a bet. Hope calls her "uncle" who are also known as the Jersey Mob & they come immediately to her help. To win the house back, Hope needs to learn to get her own card game back & win it in a big match with Big Julie.
Crossing paths is Tanner, another card player that has to work with the FBI while he's on probation for cheating in casinos 20 years ago. He only has one final thing that is required of him before his probation runs out... & its in the big card game with Big Julie.
Little do Tanner & Hope know that they are getting closer, having no idea they will face each other in this game.
So many characters in this book - with Hope's family & the uncles & Big Julie with his wife & his mistress, Baby (who I thought was hilarious)
Sometimes the story got a little crazy - I could have done without the whole Russian mob coming in - it took WAYYYY too long in a few chapters with them...
but otherwise, the story was entertaining.

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