Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost a Family

Almost A FamilyAlmost A Family by Stephanie Bond
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A young husband & wife have their child kidnapped when he's only a few months... so what happens when years pass & they have since divorced, but the son is found alive & healthy & is now 8 years old.

Bailey & Ginny have gone seperate ways & now that their son is back in the picture, they have to deal with each other again.

From learning where Bailey was all this time & who kidnapped him - From going to pick up Baily Jr, who is now Chad, to bringing him home & the relationships he has to form with his new parents - its a rough road.

Time has made Bailey more mature, ready to settle down, but how can he convince Ginny that its because he loves her & not only because he wants his family together.

I enjoyed the story... thought it made sense in telling of the child's struggles in adapting & loving the person who he always considered his mom. It was a little TOo risque for me on Ginny & Bailey's relationship coming back to life... but that's because I'm used to a lot of Christian novels - so when I read things like that, it sort of shocks me a bit.

You have to know how the story ends... but its sweet how it all comes together.
Definitely not a waste of time reading this...

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