Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Gatsby

The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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I think I had to read this some time in my school career, but couldn't remember for the life of me anything about the story.

But when the movie previews came out & I saw it was by Baz Luhrmann, I knew I wanted to see it. & as any movie from a book, I like the read the book first. (Always so much better then the movie) Plus, its a classic so I knew it would be something I wanted to get involved in.

I was shocked to see its less then 200 pages. I guess that's why it was a school read, but I'm sure in school, that felt like a huge novel that you'd never get through.

I could also see why it would be a 'school read' - the descriptive words in it & the way once sentence could tell a story in itself was something you don't see very often in novels of today. (Or I'm just reading the wrong novels)

The story is definitely a Greek tragedy. The story of lovers crossed, the new age of America, the lavish side of the roaring 20's, love affairs, & loneliness...

A neighbor, Nick becomes friends with the great Gatsby who lives next door & finds himself witness to life played out in different circus rings. His cousin Daisy, who knew Gatsby in past years. Tom, who is married to Daisy & also has an affair of his own going on. Gatsby himself, who just wants nothing more then to have a life that Daisy feels is deserving of her.

There's something to be said about books that don't have the "happily ever after" endings...
my heart still aches for Gatsby after closing this book...

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