Thursday, May 15, 2014


4:09:43: Boston 2013 Through the Eyes of the Runners4:09:43: Boston 2013 Through the Eyes of the Runners by Hal Higdon
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I love everything about running & running stories. I was excited to get this book to see through the eyes of runners the story of Boston & the bombing that happened in 2013.

This is a quick book that starts at the beginning of the race & leads us to the time on the clock of 4:09:43

I loved hearing the stories, but it got a little over whelming with all the names & stats of each person's story. It was like little snippets off of hundreds of people's blogs or something. "So & So from such such said" - "So & So from such & such ran" - "So & so from such & such felt" ... it's that kind of thing continually repeating. I get this is the point of the story to see the day through runners eyes, but it was just distracting to me.

I'm sure these runners loved seeing their names in this book, having a part of their story of Boston put into a book with others. It just wasn't made for a good book. This to me just reminded me of a collaboration of a bunch of blog posts.

I wish they would have focused on maybe 1, 2 or 3 people that really experienced the day & tell their story more in depth.

Its still definitely an interesting read - something I'm glad I read just to feel what happened that awful day.

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