Wednesday, September 14, 2016

99 Days

99 Days99 Days by Katie Cotugno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a fun quick & easy read.
The story of a girl who made some bad choices in a relationship - only after confiding in her mother about the situation, she wrote a novel about it bringing it to light to everyone in their town, including Molly's boyfriend Patrick.
After Molly leaves her town her senior year because she can't handle all the bullying, she returns for 99 days before she leaves for college. It's not long before the bullying continues but she finds solace in another friend - Patrick's brother, Gabe.
We set ourselves up for a perfect love triangle - which I sort of loved in a cheesy soap opera way... until it just got on my nerves. It didn't seem that Molly didn't know what she wanted & you could see this was going to not end well at all, between her & anyone & especially the relationship between the brothers. I still didn't mind the story - was anxious to see where it was going to go - but then the ending really just sort of aggravated me. I would have probably given this 5 stars up to half way through the book - & then 4 stars until I read the ending & just felt like it wasn't complete to me... so 3 stars it is. Still liked it, but got sort of let down in the end.

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