Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tears in a Bottle

Book: Tears in a Bottle
Author: Sylvia Bambola

"Becky Taylor lies in a secluded recovery room of an abortion clinic when she hears a man's angry voice, then gunshots amid cries of terror. Lying still behind the curtan, she holds her breath in fear. But the silence that follows reveals the icy truth; she's the only one left alive"

This book shows the world of abortion, so its a topic that is touchy anyways, much less have a book - or a novel - on.

The story follows Becky's life & the pressure that is put on her as a teenager to have sex & then the result that follows.

It also follows the story of Maggie, who runs a center for healing for women who went through an abortion. More characters involve the doctors who are performing the abortions & who are turning this lifestyle into something even worse, selling parts for money to cosmetic companies & scientists. Finally, another character, Canon Edwards... a man whose wife had died during an abortion where everyone told her it was a simple procedure. Canon served time but is still seeking for revenge.
To me, the story was OK, but it just felt too "childish"... I believe there is a darker world in the abortion clinics that doctors are dealing with, but this book just didnt pass that to me as believable. That part of the story was sorta corny to me. I did feel the heart of the stories of the women in the clinic, or even Becky's story - but that wasn't even really gripping to me.
My rating: 2 skeins

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