Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Convenient Groom

Book: The Convenient Groom
Author: Denise Hunter
"She wrote the book - literally - on finding the right mate. But does she really understand what love's about?"

This is the cutest book - a true fairy tale - a true romance! Loved every page of it.
This story is about woman who is like Dr. Phil of relationships - Dr. Kate. The book starts on her wedding day... where her groom jilts her... on the same day her relationship book comes out. What's a girl to do? She gets a new groom!!!

Enter Lucas Wright - the most amazing man character a book has... he's everything - caring, sweet, handsome, & he really loves Kate. She doesnt know this & the understanding in the marriage will only last for a year - to get her book out & push the publicity. Lucas is hoping in that year, she'll really fall in love with him.

Of course, nothing has an easy path... but the story is just in no other word - CHARMING...

I couldnt put it down... was sad it was over. But seen there are more "Nantucket Love Stories"... so I've got to check them out.

I really recommend it if you're looking for a light, fun read that is full of romance & in the end, has a message about Christ. The author has a message at the end that focuses all of it back to the main point - Christ being the only one you can count on for the love of a lifetime!!! AWESOME!

My rating: 5 skeins


Alicia said...

that sounds like such a cute book!!! i'm so glad i read that review!!

petrii said...

Who knew you had a book site!!! Love it!!

This book sounds really good. Will be checking it out.

Love you friend,