Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Perfect Christmas

Book: The Perfect Christmas
Author: Debbie Macomber

What would make YOUR Christmas perfect?
For Casie Beaumont, its meeting her perfect match.  Cassie, at 33 wants a husband & kids & so far, nothings worked. She turns to a professional matchmaker.  He's Simon DOdson & he's VERY choosy about the clients he takes on.  Cassie finds Simon a difficult, acerbic know-it-all, & she's astonished when he accepts her as a client.

Claiming he has her perfect mate in mind, Simon assigns her 3 tasks to complete before she meets him.  Three tasks that are all about Christmas; being a charity bell ringer, dressing up as Santa's elf, & preparing a traditional turkey dinner for her neighbors (whom she happesn to dislike). Despite a number of comical mishaps, Cassie does it all - & she's finally ready to meet her match.
Well, I'm sure you can figure out who her perfect match is....

Yes, you can pretty much tell from the first chapter who's going to be "coupled" up in this book, but it doesnt take away from the story.  I love Debbie Macomber's writing anyways & love her yearly Christmas books just because they ARE easy reads & just with the background of Christmas, its a fun read to take in during the season.

I did chuckle out loud - which is a good sign - at some parts of the book... & even gasped at surprises at some of the things that happened.  And I was smiling at the end of the book, pleased with the ending, & just because it was enjoyable to read.

While this isnt a literature masterpiece - it was perfect reading to do the week of Christmas...

& the only reason I'm not giving this a 4 is because the idea that the ONLY way you can have a PERFECT Christmas is to have the perfect husband & the 2.1 kids & the dog in front of the tree... I can let that slide because its a fun Christmas book - but I'm going to be honest, that did aggravate me a bit..

My rating: 3 skeins

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2cats said...

Debbie Macomber is my favorite author. But Her Christmas books have always left me feeling cheated somehow.