Monday, December 14, 2009

Split Ends

Book:  Split Ends
Author: Kristin Billerbeck

She's armed with hot irons, sharp shears & a flair for color.
She's dangerous - truly bad news for bad hair.
And she's going to do whatever it takes to make a place for herself in the exclusive Beverely Hills salon.

Even if that means sweeping hair, emptying trash, scrubbing dummy heads, & making soy lattes for the stars that come in Yoshi's salon.

Even if it means hiding the fact that she's not really an up-&-comer from New York, but a drunk's daughter from small town Wyoming.

Even if it means ignoring her attraction to a tall, dark stranger in a fedora who just stepped off the elevator... & into her heart.

But can a talented hairdresser from the sticks really make it in image-obsessed LA?  And can she ever find true love & real success in a town that wrote the book on fake?
The story of Sarah Claire moving to the big town & trying to make it was cute.  I liked the book has lots of pop culture modern references - but that means down the road, 10 years, people will laugh at some of the references...

It was refreshing to read a story of what seemed like a real character in how she talked & the things she said - & even more refreshing that in the story, Sarah Claire is a Christian & meets a Christian man, Dane...

Many characters from Sarah Claire, her cousin who she moves in with, Scott - the crazy LA hair dresser she's working for who will put her in the big leagues, Yoshi... her friends she left behind, the body builder she meets on the streets... all cute, easy characters... loved that Sarah Claire was a girl who loved old time movies & had an obsession with Carey Grant.  Ahh - the old romantic ways of life.  And she found a man who fell right into that & even more, agreed with taht old fashion sense of romance...

For me, the story was cute, but drug out a little... just alot of focus on some things that I thought they spent way too much time on, or a topic they'd keep coming back to.  I found myself at the end just wanting the story over so I could move onto the next book. 

My Rating: 3 Skeins... wasn't HORRIBLE - but not fantastic.. just OK.. so middle of the road...

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2cats said...

Thanks for the heads up. I won't put this on my MUST read list.