Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Extra Large Medium

Book:  The Extra Large Medium
Author: Helen Slavin

Ever since she was a child, Annie Colville has been talking to the dead. She knows they’re dead because for some reason they’re always dressed in chocolate brown. But Annie’s grown up now, and things are getting serious. Especially after she falls for and marries Evan Bees. It’s hard enough to lose someone you love; but what if you know they could come back to you? And they just . . . don’t? During her long wait for her missing husband to come back to her, in chocolate brown or not, Annie searches through her mother’s vast collection of lovers for the other missing man in her life — her father — and struggles with the questions her gift asks of her.

The way the book started off, I thought I was really going to like it... but about a quarter in, I just kind of lost my interest.  The character of Annie just turned "whiney" to me & I just wasnt feeling the story.  I think a big part for me was that areas that I would think would be big parts of the story - like Evan Bees - it would be all covered on one page.  Like in one sentence, they would say, "Evan Bees met me that day.  Two months later we were married.  & then 4 years later, he went away one evening & he disappeared" - that's not from the book, but the way I perceived it .... & seriously, thats the way it seemed to flow.  Then it would take time on something that seemed far away from the story... just weird.

Plus, this is from an English writer so there were terms & words that seemed to be English sayings or their way of speaking....

I dont know... I just by the end, didnt really even care.  Hated that too because I did really think it was going to grip me in those first few pages.

My rating:  1 skein

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