Monday, January 3, 2011

He Sees you when you're sleeping

Book: He Sees You When You're Sleeping
Authors:  Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark

Meet Sterling Brooks.  His was not an exemplary life - he was too self-absorbed to ever really think about anyone else or make a commitment to the women he loved.  On the other hand, he had endearing qualities.  His actual misdeeds were few - his were sins of omission, not commission.

It is a few days before Christmas.  For 46 years, Sterling has lingered in the celestial waiting room outside the heavenly gates, awaiting summons by the Heavenly Council.  Will he be deemed fit for entrance into heaven?  At last the day comes & the council settles on a test for Sterling - he will be sent back to earth & given an opportunity to prove his worthiness by helping someone else.

Sterling Brooks finds himself in Manhattan, at the skating rink in Rockefeller Center.  Among the skaters is a heartbroken seven-year-old named Marissa, & as Sterling soon realizes, it is SHE has has been sent to help.  Marissa's sadness comes from her seperation from the father she adores & her sparkling grandmother.  Both have been forced into the Witness Protection Program because two mobsters, the Badgett Brothers, have put a price on their heads to prevent their testifying against them in an arson case.

Sterling, able to move back & forth in time & place, masterminds a plan to eliminate the threat from the Badgett brothers & reunite Marissa with her loved ones.

First Line:  "There's nothing worse than listening to the sounds of preparations for a great party, knowing that you're not invited"

I love Mary Higgins Clark - have so many of her mysteries.  So this was a book I had on my shelf for years but put it off because I always wanted to read it around Christmas time.  This year was the year.  It was an easy, quick read - not long at all - & a cute story.  It had predictable parts & a few surprises.  While it wasnt the best book I've read of Mrs. Clark, it was a good, light read for the Christmas season.  A cute little story to end my 2010 book reading...

My rating: 3 skeins
Last Line:  "Glory to the Newborn King....."

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