Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saved Without a Doubt

Book:  Saved Without a Doubt
Author: John MacArthur

Am I really going to Heaven?  Am I really saved?
At some point, everyone has experienced thoughts like these.  Is there any way to overcome those nagging doubts?  Now you can put them to rest by answering a resounding "YES!"
Author John MacArthur carefully examines classical biblical texts affirming the forever quality of salvation, without ignoring the troubling passages that seem to indicate otherwise.  Eleven biblical tests show how those truths apply to you, helping you determine once & for all whether you've experienced salvation.  you can make your feelings with your faith & by taking an encouraging look at victory in the spirit & the unshakable promises of God, persevere!


First Line:  It's a heartache to me, as a pastor to realize that so many Christians lack assurance of their salvation.

That first line is why the book is called "Saved Without a Doubt"

Can I tell you - I have NO IDEA how I got this book.  It literally came in the mail one day to me - & I have no idea how it got to me - no return address, nothing in it, but the book.  But the title intrigued me, so I read it. 

I will say, its not an easy read... I got confused in areas, got totally lost in other places & even had to skip some sections after getting nothing but frustrated for not understanding.

But it did have areas that really spoke to me & that I really loved... lines like:

"Jesus serves as the anchor of our souls, who forever keeps us from drifting away from God"

"He that lacks assurance of God's love, converses too much with Satan...." (that's goood stuff there!)

There was a section on forgiveness - my favorite topic - & I loved these 3 things:

"What you can't forget - God cant remember!' .... how awesome is that line?

"You may never be able to forget the years of wandering, the many sins of which you have been guilty.  But that which gives peace is the knowledge that God will never recall them again.  He has blotted them from the book of remembrance & he has done it in righteousness, for the account is completely settled.  The debt is paid"

And I loved this - it was from a new believer who was saying why he believed he would be in Heaven:
"If anyone is ever to be kept out of Heaven for my sins - it would have to be Jesus - for He took them all upon Himself & made Himself responsible for them.  But HE IS IN HEAVEN! - never to be turned out - so now, I KNOW I AM SECURE" .... isn't that a cool way to think about it?

Because it was hard, it takes my rating down - but with some wonderful stuff like I mentioned, it raised it back up a little - averaging it out...

My rating:  3 skeins
Last Line:  He will see to that for sure.

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