Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heaven Revealed - with a GIVEAWAY!!!

Book:  Heaven Revealed
Author:  Paul Enns

Not one of us has been there.  But we all have questions about it.  Where is heaven?  What will we do there?  Who will we know? How do we get there? 

These questions & more are what Heaven Revealed was written to answer.  In this personal & biblical study of heaven, Paul Enns draws upon Scripture to answer our questions about life beyond the grave.

Whether you wonder about a loved one now in heaven or are curious about your own future destination, Heaven Revealed will help with any fears you might have about the lift to come.  You'll discover that heaven isnt far away.  That your new body will be much improved - & new!  And that actually being in heaven is a far cry from floating in the clouds.
First Line;  After I had parked the car, Helen & I walked to the sanctuary, holding hands as we always did when we walked together.

The topic of Heaven always interests me.  I know Randy Alcorn had a big book about Heaven that was popular... which I did not personally care for.  So I was leery going into this one.

I have to say - I was very impressed with this book.  Mainly because it is totally based off Scripture.  And while a lot of things are repeated in this book with the same scriptures, it applies to all the questions that are asked.  The book is broken up into different questions for each chapter - like "What is the Transition to Heaven"  - "What will life be like in Heaven" - "What kind of Body will we have"... & in each chapter, it is broken down with answers that are all based on scriptures... so yes, some of the scriptures apply to different chapters.

For me- its an easy read - easy to understand with personal touches in it.

This is a topic that really, when it comes down to it - something we'll never know until we're there.  And until then, its all based on faith... but its good to be reminded on what God's word says about it.

One of my favorite quotes though from the Bible really made me look differently at death:

"God prevented Adam & Eve from eternal sinfulness by giving them the gift of death, the ability to exist this life & arrive safely in the wondrous life to come.  Death, though it would appear to be man's greatest enemy, would in the end, prove to be his greatest friend.  Only through death can we go to God"

Isnt that a different view?

I was lucky enough to be given an extra book to give away.  So if the topic of Heaven interests you, then all you have to do is comment.  I'll leave it open until the end of June & then draw a name...

My rating:  3 skeins ... only because it got a little too repetitive & also because some of the questions, they personally didnt hold my interest.  That's just my personal taste.  Those questions may be exactly what someone else is searching for....


Lynn said...

Remember that you didn't care for Alcorn's work. So if you like this at all that says a lot!

Sassy said...

I would love to read this. My cousin died one year ago (as of yesterday) due to being hit by a truck. It has been a tough experience, and I would be interested to check out this book.

sassysasha817 at gmail dot com