Friday, October 28, 2011

A Life in Stitches

Book:  A Life in Stitches
Author: Rachel Herron

As every knitter knows, the richness of life is woven into every piece you create.  A scarf for a loved one isnt just a warm piece of clothing, its a stiched symbol of affection, making it even warmer.  A sweater struggled over, cables finally wrestled into perfect twists, the neckline finally worked at the right place, becomes more than just something to wear on cold days;  it becomes a wearable proof of accomplishment.

In these twenty heartfelt pieces, Rachael Herron, shares the touches of a life spent knitting, From her very first sweater (a hilarious disaster to say the least) to the yellow afghan that caused a breakup (& ultimately a breakthrough), this beautifully crafted and candidily funny collection is perfect for the knitter who loves to read and the reason who loves to knit.


Oh my goodness - that last line is so spot on. 

I loved reading this book if only because it made my love of knitting so much stronger.

Rachael would tell the story of her life & weave it in wtih stories of knitting & knitting projects along her journey.  Some funny stories, some heart felt stories, some stories that even made me tear up...

If you are a knitter - you'll totally enjoy this book.
If you're not a knitter, when you finish this book you'll want to be one.

My Rating: 4 skeins

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