Monday, October 3, 2011

Mercy Come Morning

Book:  Mercy Come Morning
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”

Krista Mueller is in a good place. She’s got a successful career as a professor of history; she’s respected and well-liked; and she lives hundreds of miles from her hometown and the distant mother she could never please. It’s been more than a decade since Alzheimer’s disease first claimed Charlotte Mueller’s mind, but Krista has dutifully kept her mother in a first-class nursing home.

Now Charlotte is dying of heart failure and, surprised by her own emotions, Krista rushes to Taos, New Mexico, to sit at her estranged mother’s side as she slips away. Battling feelings of loss, abandonment, and relief, Krista is also unsettled by her proximity to Dane McConnell, director of the nursing home—and, once upon a time, her first love. Dane’s kind and gentle spirit—and a surprising discovery about her mother—make Krista wonder if she can at last close the distance between her and her mother … and open the part of her heart she thought was lost forever.
First Line:  "She's dying, Krista."
This was the first time I read a book by this author.  I enjoyed her style of writing very much.  It was easy to read, but full of powerful visuals & emotion. 
The story of Krista & her mother & the relationship they had was rough to read at times.  How hard it was to witness the final days of her mother's life with all the past still fresh & forefront of her mind.  But Krista works through not only the relationship with her, but with also her friend Dane, who owns the facility that her mother is in... as well as a past event that shaped so much of her life.
The story is full of Jesus & the grace & forgivness!  Loved that...
But it was also a hard story to read as you knew her mother was going to be passing away... & the emotions of that were just raw to me.  I literally sat & cried as the time finally came.
While the story has its tear-worthy-moments, its still full of those things I mentioned earlier - grace, mercy & forgivness - quite a good ending to it all.
My Ratings: 4 Skeins

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