Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whisper from the Ashes

Whispers from the Ashes

A coming of age mystery, set in 1950s Pennsylvania as the coal mining industry fades and the area plunges into recession, Whispers from the Ashes follows one family as they struggle with an underground anthracite fire that is creeping toward their home in the mountainside town of Giant's Despair.

Young Molly Branigan, a descendant of the nineteenth century Molly Maguire 'gangsters', paints a subtle picture of crime and punishment as she investigates the secret scandals of previous generations of her family. From a father who rode the rails during the great depression, his hobo friend Magee, her historian mother, and numerous friends and relatives, she slowly garners clues to five mysterious deaths listed in her great-grandfather's hidden diary. While researching the deaths, she struggles with her father's alcoholism, her first crush, and a threatening teenage boy

I got this book as a free download on my Kindle.  I looked up the reviews & they werent awful so I thought, why not.

Glad I had it.

It was an interesting story, seeing a family dynamic through Molly's eyes as she tries to figure out the mysteries & history of her family... all while growing up, loving her parents & siblings & growing up.

I would almost forget it was a book set back in the 50's... it was still relevant.  Family keeping secrets, alcholism, death, struggles...

It was a long story - over 400 pages - & I wasnt sure where the story was going - or what the point of it was really... but the ending was sort of a mystery solved... & in the end, I just wanted this family to be happy.  I felt connected to Molly & her relationship with her mother & father.

Didnt disappoint me one bit reading this.

My Rating: 3 Skeins

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