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Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in FaithLet. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith by Karen Ehman
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When I saw there was an online Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Ministries, I decided to give it try. I've never done one of these online Bible Studies & interested to see how it would go.

I actually didnt even know much about the book. Being a Wunner (Combo runner/walker) for years, maybe I just saw the words "running" & "walking" in the title & thought, it'll work for me. I didnt realize the top would about control & our little control-freak attitude that we carry as women.

Once I got the book & saw what the topic was about, I thought, this isnt going to be for me. But I bought the book & willing to see how it would work out.
Well, within the first chapter, I think it was the first clue on how much 'control freak' I have in me. After all, doesnt everyone get upset when their husband leaves cabinet doors open? Or when there's mail on the counter that I didnt lay down? ... yep - control.

Each of the chapters really dug into different areas of the places we want control - with spouses, family, with busy schedules, within the home. Every chapter was eye opening to me & all the while, speaking the truth of the Bible & what God has to say about that.

My scripture journal became full of verses that I'll hold dear now. I even had my past 3 memory verses for Beth Moore's Scipture Sisters straight out of this study.

Karen Ehman has a way of stressing the point in an every day fashion. One I could relate with & understand. & easily ties it back to how God calls us to live. With only HIM in control.

The ending of the book, with the story of Karen's sister-in-love & the struggles she's going through with bone cancer & the difficulties she's experienced - it was moving. She is living in a world where we would all want to fight with control, but this beautiful woman is just going where God is moving her & thankful for everything in her life... even the tough stuff. That's who I want to be.. THAT's why God led me to this study.

Now, I'll be working on the challenge of the book... letting it go

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