Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Pretend this never happened

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True MemoirLet's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson
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A fellow blogger... who hits the big leagues with a book? I'm all about that!

But she's not just any blogger. She's Jenny the bloggess.
Which is code for one funny lady.

I will say, I've seen this book on other blogs being reviewed & was slow in getting it, but it was on sale for the Kindle after Christmas so I wasnt going to wait one more minute.

Let me just say, if you read Jenny's blog, then you'll be prepared... if you are not a reader of her blog - then you wont be prepared... & then let me warn you. LANGUAGE - or more aptly said - FOUL LANGUAGE is just another language to her.

I think the 'f' bomb was dropped at least 500 times... maybe in the first 3 chapters.
Vagina was another word that was quite popular in the reading.

Yeah - you now know if you're prepared to read this book or not.

I will say, I literally laughed out loud at many a story.
I was also cringing at a lot of stories about her father who was a taxidermist. How a man can make a puppet out of a animal's body & think its funny? Well, just shows how Jenny grew up & where her sense of humor comes from.

When I was in the beauty shop reading this on my Kindle, I ended up laughing under the hair dryer & then someone asked what I was reading... someone across the room said, "its "Let's pretend this never happened", isnt it?

So people know it will cause laughter.

I'll be honest though. Jenny is one who thinks... all the time... & writes down every thought that goes astray. So by the end, some of the stories were getting quite long & loosing their point, which I think is totally Jenny. But it was just feeling a little LONG to me after the first 20 chapters.

I did laugh all the way through... I did try to wipe my mind clean of language & visuals after reading it... but I did appreciate her honesty & could actually relate to some of her stories. She's a gal who deals with anxiety & panic attacks so I just know if I'm at a party & feel one coming on, I'll just talk about a serial killer who tried to stab me in my sleep... & instead of it being a cat, it'll be my dog. (You have to read the story to understand)

Got time on your hands & need a good laugh - read it
Easily offended - stay far away from it

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