Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chasing God

Chasing GodChasing God by Angie Smith
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So my best friend (or at least in my imaginary world of awesome friends) wrote another book.

I just love Angie Smith & get so excited when I hear she's writing a new book. There's something about the way she write that speaks to me. She's real. She takes life & makes real situations that happen to her someone lead into an amazing teaching of God's Word.

I will say, this book is a little more in depth then any of her other books. I actually struggled with it in the first few chapters, but then immediately fell right back into the stories of honesty & sunk back into the teaching she has for us this time around.

Are we chasing God? We shouldn't have to chase after Him... He's there with us. No need to chase. Are we living like that or feeling like we have to work to earn His love... have to do it all right... have to work at finding our faith?

Angie touches topics as prayer & forgiveness & one of my favorite chapters, how we read the Bible...

If you've liked Angie's works in the past, you'll continue to love this one... with an even more of a 'teacher' role that she takes.

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Jaunty Jen said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I hope this is available at bookdepository.com