Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Gargoyle

Book: The Gargoyle
Author: Andrew Davidson

I was very interested in this book - it involves a man who was burned in an accident. With my husband having been in a horrible fire that left him with scars, it peaked my interest.

But first, let me say - I'm not a total prude... I can handle today's books... but I couldnt even get through the beginnings of this book. I got to Chapter 3 & I finally had to stop & just put the book away.

I wasnt expecting the language to be so foul ..... & I wasnt expecting the main character to be a porn star...that threw me off... so within the first few chapters, it was just too much for me. Then the talk of suicide coming in - I just knew this book wasnt for me...

Again, I'm not a prude - but I only really have to set some standards for MYSELF.... so I just put the book in the pile to be sold... & I literally just got the book in the mail today... darn!

If some of you read it, & you like it... kudos to you.. it just wasnt for me...

My rating = 0 skeins

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