Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dream Robbers

Dream RobbersDream Robbers by RC Scott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(this book was sent to me by the Author in exchange for a fair review)

We get transformed to the world of elves, dwarves, fairies, even a leprechaun or two... we're not in the world we know.

The village of elves are on a mission to see why the Stream of Dreams has dried up. Its effecting everyone. Without dreams, it makes everyone grumpy, sad, not able to become their full selves. 12 brave elves set out on an adventure.

We get to see the different elves, a snow elf, a forest elf, a lightening elf... & my favorite, the twins, which are the smallest & sky elves.

You are transported to another world - for sure.

Its very much in the lines of Lord of the Rings... creatures that have unique names, visuals of lands that only a mind can hold. My only fault is that some of the story got long in each chapter. Also, with all the names, not being names we're familiar with ourselves, I had to write down everyone's name, what they were, special things about each one... it was a little time consuming to grasp for a bit. I would have loved if there were like 6 elves :)

I did love some of the messages in the story though. Like the Elf Creed : Do good whenever you can & always, as you can, strive to correct your faults.
Such good points throughout

I love subtle messages... everyone has a gift- if you use it wisely, it is enough.

this is a good read for everyone... I think anyone that loves sci-fi would really love this. I think little ones would like it too, with the only downfall being again, some of the chapters were quite lengthy.

I did enjoy it though. Now, to get back to the real world. (I'll be looking at moss & birds & clouds differently now)

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