Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stressed Less Living

Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace in Your Chaotic WorldStressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace in Your Chaotic World by Tracie Miles
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"Do you ever feel like life has you by the jugular, choking out your every breath"

So that's the first line of the book... & from right there I was like, "ME ME ME" raising my hand.

I'm so good at being stressed. You could sorta call me a professional if you will. Is there a good salary for that? Because I'd be RICH!

This book was perfect for me in reminding me exactly what I already know - but like to push aside.

That my focus should not be on circumstances, but on the One who can do something beyond circumstances.

The book goes a little deeper with each chapter being a different focus area.
Starting off letting us know what Stress actually DOES to a body. Hey - I'm a fan of Dr. Oz - I know what it can do... it ain't pretty.

Then it leads us into being ready to put God back in charge...
One of my favorite chapters was "Overcoming your Giants"... I just love the story of David knocking down a giant that everyone is afraid of... that right there could be the story of my life against fear. Always there taunting...
Then we learn what 'weapons' we need to put stress out of our lives with God in charge.
& I went high light crazy at the end with the chapter "The Reset Button"... the main points on how to help ourselves get prepared to start over again with God... because we know that stress keeps coming & we have to keep resetting ourselves instead of giving into the craziness of it all.

So much scripture to be inhaled in this...

I will say, there are some chapters that Tracie talks about her personal stress & struggles, & while its good to relate to someone else, the chapters tended to be a little long for me. I guess because it wasn't an exact stress I didn't have, I had a disconnect. But for someone being a mom, changing careers, they may have read every bit of it & was like "That's me"... the joy of a book being different for every reader.

Other then that - I loved the points, the scripture that was highlighted, the focus of the book.

Can't go wrong when you learn more about living a stress less life with God

".... you are worried & upset about many things, but only one thing is needed...." ~Luke 10:41b-42aNIV

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