Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's all be Brave

Let's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You HaveLet's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have by Annie F. Downs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I saw this book going around everywhere & was excited to get it. When I started off reading it, I was instantly hooked because I saw the name "Steven Curtis Chapman" being used as Annie talked about a song of his. OK - so we can be instant friends!
Then, it was weird. I think maybe I was expecting something else reading a lot of women's Christian books. This didn't feel like the others.
It took me a few chapters to get the feel of the book, but then I was hooked.
The stories switch up quickly & sometimes connect, sometimes they don't... but I started to love every word written.
I loved how she could have one chapter being "Hold On" & the next "Let it go" & had examples of how God works in both.
I went into this book thinking it'll be a good read but didn't expect to have God speak things on my heart about areas I need to Brave in... that's exactly what happened. I feel the need to start praying about being brave in personal things in my life, & in spiritual things. I now have a fire started in my soul about it all... I think that's the point of this book.
& if we all get a little bit of spark of being Brave? The things that could change...

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