Thursday, August 7, 2014

Passing Strangers

Passing StrangersPassing Strangers by Angela Elwell Hunt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am so disappointed to give this an 'ok' - I love Angela Hunt. She's one of my favorite authors & I usually give her 5 stars across the board. Was so excited for her latest book... but I just didn't feel it.

This story is about 3 strangers on a train going across the part of the country & the way they meet. The story then sort of breaks up into each individual person's story & what their background is.

I really liked the first one with a story of a girl who was a famous child star on a reality based TV & as she grew up, she fled from all things famous. When her mother is dying, what does she do. I'm all into this story.

The second story lost me. It was the story of this man who has 2 children & he lost his wife in an accident. He is a lawyer who works way too much & wants others to take care of his children. His trip was basically to leave his kids at his mothers house. Something about this part of the story just bothered me. It seemed stupid, didn't seem real. Aggravated me about how easily this guy was going to leave his kids.

The third story was about a mom who had to leave because her adult daughter was causing issues in their home. This part was OK but I was so exhausted by this book by then, I didn't enjoy it.

In the end, you see how the 3 people are intertwined now as friends, but I was just glad to get it over with honestly. I have another Angela Hunt book on my Kindle to read. Hoping I find my faith back in this author.

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