Thursday, December 18, 2014

Me Before You

Me Before YouMe Before You by Jojo Moyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I knew this book was not going to have a happy ending.

When you hear of anyone talking about it & using the words like, heartbroken, tissues, puffy eyes... yeah, I knew going in to be prepared.

I still cried though. I'll use all those words myself now.

We meet Will Traynor. A man who had the life of a rich, powerful, business man playboy & how his life changed when he had an accident leaving him as a quadriplegic.
We meet Louisa who is looking for a job & not skilled for anything but somehow is hired for Will's caregiver. Two opposites together. She learning how to take care of Will. He learning how to make it through every day.

I don't want to give anything away because I think people have been really good at keeping the main points of the story to a place where you need to read it to find out where all this heart break comes from.

I will say I did enjoy the book. I was rooting for Lou. I was especially rooting for Will. I was rooting for the relationship they were developing. I was totally enraptured in the story.
It made me thankful for my health & the abilities I have & don't give much thought to.

The CONS of the book? I thought it was a little strange how they had a random chapter every now & then from someone else's point of view. It just felt odd to me.
The book is written from people in a different country, so to have different culture & use of words, it took me a bit to get used to some of it.
Neither of the cons made me dislike the book any less though.

In the end, I really enjoy the book, even though I closed it with a heavy heart & tear stained face. But if a book can move you to that emotion, then it gets a thumbs up for me.

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