Thursday, December 11, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose your Own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own AutobiographyNeil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris
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OK - let's put aside the face that I always said that I'm sure Neil Patrick Harris & I would be best friends if we met (which he confirmed in this book... seriously... he said those same words) - but this really is a fun book. Exactly what I expected from him.

And if you are wondering, it really IS an adventure book, just like the ones from when you were a kid. You can be on an adventure & make decisions as you want your life, as Neil Patrick Harris, to go.

I did try to do that but I was afraid I would miss something... which you would have if you didn't read it straight through. There's a spoiler for you. Or if you did do the adventure book style, look around for the pages that you missed then :)

But this is the story of his life from starting as a child actor, to a husband with twins & everything in between. It has its moments of realness, its moments of what growing up as a star looks like, its moments of what realizing you are gay, as a star, looks like. But even better, there are moments of funny, of a sense of humor that NPH has, a real person. & even pages of magic. Seriously. Real magic. He walks you through a few magic tricks ... that ALL work out! Don't ask me how. I really believe NPH is beyond magical now :) Try the tricks. You'll be amazed yourself.

I will say, there is language throughout the book & even a chapter that I was cringing with the language & the content.. but it was just a smidgen compared to the whole book.

In the end, I sat & read the last few chapters of how Neil & David became parents & what fatherhood is to him... & I seriously teared up. It was so moving. & the last part, just imaging how NPH would do it with the style of a Broadway star, I totally got choked up & wanted to start the adventure again.

I'm sad this book is over... a true sign of a good book.

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