Tuesday, February 9, 2016


WonderWonder by R.J. Palacio
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How is this not a movie yet? I can totally picture it in my head....

I have always wanted to read this book but when I was out shopping with my 11 yr old nieces, they let me know that I probably couldnt handle it. My one niece even told me ***SPOILER**** Aunt Bec, his dog dies. Well, that is usually what does me in on not reading a book, but I went ahead & dug in, mentally preparing myself :)

I am so glad I read it. The story of August - the boy who won the lottery on a birth defect - 2 rare things occuring at once to form what he had to endure. August is on all account a normal boy otherwise - probably wiser & kinder then most kids his age being "used to the stares" that he has to deal with every day.

& after being home schooled his whole life, his mom thinks its time for him to venture into middle school in 5th grade.

I love the story is told from different perspectives, seeing the world around August & how it not only effects him, but everyone who knows & loves him.

The book is a great reminder that kindness is always the path to take. & that courage comes in different forms.

I really want to read the follow up book now - I guess I need to check with my nieces to see if I can handle that one :)

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