Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We were liars

We Were LiarsWe Were Liars by E. Lockhart
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have to say, I am proud of myself on this one. I figured out the ending of this book where I'm usually in left field trying to figure out a 'mystery'...

The story Cadence, Johnny, Mirren & Gat ... Gat, Mirren, Johnny & Cadence... the Liars.

The family dynamics reminded me of the Kennedy's. This picture perfect family that vacations together on an island every summer. These kids, cousins, along with Gat, coming together every summer & growing up together, seeing how the family truly is.

We find out pretty early in the story that something has happened to Cadence - she's hit her head in the water, found with no clothes on & has no memory of what has happened that summer. The summer that left her with debilatating migraines that make her nearly unable to function.

So she's anxious to get back to the beach again to get with her Liars & find out the truth, which no one wants to talk about.... hence, the mystery of the story.

The things I did like about it: the quick chapters. *It made me fly through the book. *I also loved the little 'fairy tale' stories that Cady wrote throughout the book. Some of them were really powerful illustrations. *I figured out the ending. That's a pride thing here I guess. *Gat - just because I love a guy that doesnt in, but still fits in.

The things I DIDNT like about it: * the ending. yeah, I figured it out, but it just wasn't summed up great for me. It was just sort of strange. I dont know - it just didn't really give me the emotions I thought it would. I like the book, but I thought it could have been better in how it was all summed up. * Some of the wording from Cadence. Like she talked about her dad leaving her & her mom & used words like "... then he shot me through the heart on the lawn. I lay there bleeding over the flowers"... I literally thought he shot her. But this is the sort of dramatic writing she used to describe most things in life. The bleeding from wrists. The sinking & drowning. I would get confused what was real & what wasn't. Probably the point of it all... but it just confused me a lot.

I wouldn't say this is a DONT READ book - I actually liked it (gave a "its OK" rating) & it kept me intrigued to find out what happened that summer... but its not something I think you gotta pick up today.

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