Monday, February 2, 2015

It was me all along

It Was Me All AlongIt Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I always am interested in the story of people's lives, especially when it comes to people that struggle with the same things I do. In this case, it is weight. The story of a girl who grew up over weight & after getting in college, turned her life around.

The first part of the book really sets the issues that seems to cause Andie to overeat & start her path down the road of being obsese. An alcoholic father cause such turmoil & tragedy in her life. It was a very sad story & one no child should grow up in. The only comfort in the midst of arguments & fear was food.

We then get to see Andie as she goes through high school & then into college. The roller coaster of weight piling on & the unhappiness that came with that. Andie comes home from college during the summer &decides to make a change... & change she did. We see the roller coaster start the decent... the weight coming off.

But life isn't always as happy as you think it would be once you get weight off. Other issues & obsessions begin, like the fear of gaining the weight back or the obsession of exercise.

If anyone has ever lost weight or dealt with food addictions, you could relate with so much of the story.

I will say, the beginning of the book was very slow to me. It was a LOTof talking & describing of food... a LOT. It did pick up for me & I did enjoy reading the journey she was on to make a change in her life.... but the whole story was just OK to me.

Andie became a blog writer after trying out other jobs &really, this is what the book felt like - a big blog post. Nothing wrong with that. I just had a hard time connecting 100% with her... so I could take it or leave it. It wasnt a life changing book, but it also wasnt a full boring read either....

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