Friday, January 2, 2015

Yes Please

Yes PleaseYes Please by Amy Poehler
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i love funny people & even more when funny people can actually be funny in print. its not something everyone can do (Mindy.... I'm talking to you). I always love Amy on SNL & Parks & Rec, so I was glad to read & see she's basically just an every day person who has issues, like sleeping problems & anxiety, but can still find humor in her own way. i especially love she's my age & when she talks about her childhood & teenage years & what kids today will miss out on, I'm sitting here shaking my head the whole time.

i especially love the chapters from behind the scenes. The fun things on SNL & how they came up with idea of all the women at the Emmys to come on stage together. I love that scoop stuff. but also love she stays private & doesnt down her husband or want to cause drama with anyone. even love the chapter of her admitting when she messed up & had to aplogize.

i just was really sad it came to an end. i can now add Amy to my list of,people i know would be my best friend in life.

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debi said...

Cool, will check this one out. I so love the Golden Globes with her and Tina, they are hysterical!