Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bridge to Terabithia

Book: Bridge to Terabithia
Author: Katherine Paterson

I came across someone's book list that had their top 10 books as a kid. This book was on it & I remember when the movie came out (never saw it) & remember talking how good that was too. So I ended up finding the book really cheap off of & thought I'll read it.

I noticed right away it says for ages 10 & up.... & that it wasnt very long. So yes, I ended up reading it during my work day (which was nice)... but I wasnt disappointed in the story at all - this is a story that any age would like. I'm actually surprised it goes for as young as 10, but think its probably good for them to see a story about real life.

Never seeing the movie, I thought it would go into detail about their "imaginary world" of Terabithia that Jess & Leslie created. The book didnt do that - which I was happy about. But did show how their friendship was so deep between a boy & girl in 5th grade - something that rarely happens. But being neighbors in farm territory, they were able to grow closer through the year. With Leslie's story telling & Jess's art abilities, these two were a perfect friendship.

I had read in all the reviews... so if you dont know & you DONT want to know how it ends... stop reading NOW!!!!..... but I knew the end was coming with Leslie's death - but it still is never easy to read of the reactions of how a death affects someone - especially a 5th grade boy who was best friends with her.

I really enjoyed the end how he realized in this "world" of Terabithia where Leslie made Jess a KING - he knew he was knighted to go into the world on his own without his queen.

With the way Leslie died - the rope giving way over rushing water - I loved how Jess made his baby sister a bridge to start her own adventures in this world.... a very sweet ending... a very sweet book...

My Rating: 5 skeins.... I do think a young reader could appreciate this book - even its "grown up" themes & words at times... a beautiful story of friendship.

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