Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Reader

Book: The Reader
Author: Bernard Schlink

I remember when the previews came out for the movie - it intrigued me. But as always, I think books are better. I never got to see the movie, but I went ahead & read the book... WOW... now, I gotta see the movie!

This story is about a 15 yr old boy that mets an older woman in Germany. They start an affair & during this time, she asks him to read stories. There are clues throughout the book on why she has him reading these things to her... but its very interesting to watch their affair. Its interesting to see the affect Hannah Schmitz has on Michael Berg - throughout his whole life.

Hannah disappears suddenly one day, & Michael cant forget her... & then he sees her in court for her dealings in a concentration camp. The results of the trial shows exactly what Hannah has been hiding...

The story is beautifully written - It shows how someone can come in your life & never leave it - even if you dont talk to them anymore.

The end of the story shocked me.... I gasped... but again, very beautiful with how Michael ends the story... gotta go see the movie for sure now!

Rating: 5 skeins... very good book!

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