Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miss Invisible

Book: Miss Invisible
Author: Laura Jensen Walker
This story is about a girl named Freddie who is a "big girl" - so already, I'm interested in this story.

She works in a bakery & is fantastic at what she does. But with her weight, she feels like most of the world ignores her - or any bigger girl - hence, the name Miss Invisible. Her boss degrades her because of her weight - her father & step mother treat her so horribly because of her weight & she's also single & trying to find a good Christian man to date while feeling so down on herself.

But she finds a new friend, Deborah, that just changes her life & is also a bigger girl - & busts through all the myths of how a big-girl SHOULD act... she's a fantastic character in the book! Deborah is a caterer & soon, gets Freddie to use her skills of cooking & fast become partners in the food world!

We get to see Freddie grow in this book - emotionally that is! She becomes stronger - becomes more comfortable with herself - becomes someone she doesnt think she could ever become - all with the help of her fantastic friends.

She also starts a BLOG in the book - which really made me happy... being one who loves all things bloggy!!!

This is a Christian novel, which I LOVED - Deborah is very much a Christian influence with prayers & scripture being brought into the story all the time.

Freddie finds out some devestating news about her father & her mother at the end... but its such a good reminder of the family of God & how you can have your "chosen family"....

This was a very easy read - enjoyable - cute.... definitely a story I didnt mind getting into. Freddie & Deborah - & Simon, Shane, Nicole, Lydia, Millie, Samuel ... & little Sam... all seemed like friends I would want to have

Because it was a story of a big girl who blogs... gotta give it 4 skeins!


Lindsey said...

Coming from SITS! I haven't read this one but it looks like a good one! :-) I review books as well - love it!

carma said...

looks like a winner!