Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let it go

Book: Let it go
Author: Sheila Walsh

I rarely like books that are like "self-help" books. They dont hold my attention & get too repetitive & boring. There are just a few select authors I like like that. Max Lucado is a YES to every book, Patsy Clairmont is a YES to every book... but there are few that I just gotta read.

But after picking up Patsy's book at the latest Women of Faith conference, I thought that was it.... until I heard Sheila talk about her experience of letting go bitterness & resentment & emotions she was having towards her husband about things in their life. Something in me hit me to go get this book... & I'm so glad I did....

This book is properly titled "Let it go"... its such a reminder of letting go of the things that we hold onto - especially as women - that end up eating us up, end up tearing us away from God & driving wedges in our lives & our families & relationships.

I especially enjoyed at the beginning of each chapter, there was a parable sort of story that really explained what the chapter would be about & they were just such good, heart felt little stories. I even wrote one out on my "Quote blog"...

I also wrote SOOO many quotes from this book, it was CRAZY... such good insight... here's the link to the quotes I took down

My favorite though that I will probably always carry with me is the following from Corrie Ten Boom:

"The purpose of being guilty is to bring us to Jesus. Once we are there, then its purpose is finished. If we continue to make ourselves guilty - to blame ourselves - then that is sin in itself"

Do I recommend it? I really do - I think its a easy read, interesting & just an easy way its delivered that shows God in every situation...

My Rating: 4 skeins... (Which is REALLY good for me & a book of this sort)

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