Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Will Changers

The Will Changers: Dark Forces RisingThe Will Changers: Dark Forces Rising by Chad Wilkinson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Do you believe angels & demons are real & surrounding us?
This book is very much in the idea of the great book series "This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti. A look into another world that is surrounding us, attacking us & protecting us.

Meet a group of friends who have the special ability to read God's will & actually change it in others. They also have the ability to see the angels that surround them & know they are working in close contact with that angel. In having that ability, there comes some downfalls - the demons also know their names because of their power... & the demons also work in people's live the same way to help their charges change God's will in their lives. The battle begins.

The story was interesting. For me, I had a hard time staying straight because I'm one of those nerds that write down character names so I keep everyone straight until I get to 'know' them as I read. Within the first 3 chapters, I had written down about 25 names... there are A LOT of people in this book. It was a little tough keeping straight who was who & whose Angel was whose. I honestly have a post it with lines drawn to people to angels - to people to demons... I did get a tad confused. If those things dont bother you, you'd be fine. For me, I get confused easily - especially when names are familiar. There's a Joseph, Jeff & Josh... & a Ryan & Rick ... I'd also have to stop & think "whose who?" ... that to me was the biggest challenge of the book.

The book definitely is full of action, & then it surprised me to have a love story involved as well.

Its also very visual. When it describes the demon being in Hell & the people & what they go through in the torture that Hell provides, I literally had to stop reading because it bothered me so much. I had to step away & just keep saying "Jesus, I dont want to go there".... it literally freaked me out that much just reading it. Made me want to cry out to Jesus & to know I dont want to go there or to have anyone in my life go there....

But it also made me smile to think of the power of angels that surround us & stay with us. The joy that Heaven feels when someone turns their life over to God.

My favorite part of the book - the reminder that though angels may come & go, Jesus is with us always :)

I'm not going to give anything away in the end because I honestly was surprised by a FEW things... & the end sets it up perfectly for another book to continue this group of friend's destiny & what God is calling them to do.
It would also be interesting to see a book set in the past to know how each of these friends in this group came to where they are at, with knowing the story of how they met with their Angel for the first time.
Lots of options for this book/series.

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