Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Host

The Host (The Host, #1)The Host by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I heard about this book after I finished the Twilight series, but was always intimidated by its size... over 600 pages? Really?

Plus, it is more a sci-fi book & I always have such a hard tiime following those kinds of book.

But the movie was coming out & it went on sale on Amazon, so I gave it a go... & am so glad I did.
I absolutely loved the story, as strange as it may be.

We are in the future & the earth has been taken over by an alien being that uses humans as their Host Body. When we start the story, we see Wanderer getting her new body... someone who jumped to her demise rather than give up... Melanie.

This body isnt like anything Wanderer has ever been in before.

For the most part, the host just fades away, but Melanie is hanging in there, struggling, arguing, fighting with Wanderer. And all she wants is to know her brother, Jamie, & her boyfriend Jared, are OK.

All the while, a crazed Seeker is watching Wanderer with heavy fasicination. Wanderer decides to see where Melanie will lead her & the story begins...

We see the struggle of Wanderer coming across other humans... & the strange feelings she has inside of her, Melanie's feelings. Its a split personality to its finest.
& it sounds confusing when you hear about it, but once I was reading the story, I was totally in each character & understood how it would all actually feel.

Jared & Melanie are reunited, but its not the reunion you would think... how trust worthy is this Wanderer, & is Melanie really still alive in there?

Relationships grow, trust is learned & Wanderer proves who she is, & earns the name Wanda among the humans that are trying to survive underground.
Enter Ian who becomes Wanda's bodyguard while some people still aren't too sure of this alien being in their home.

The love triangle - or quadrangle really - is so intriguing to read. Melanie loves Jared, but she doesnt want Jared being interested in Wanda, who is in control of this body. Ian falls in love with Wanda, but Wanda's heart is being ran by Melanie who wants Jared.... a soap opera at its finest.

The survival of the people underground is so interesting... friends made, heart break in the loss of loved ones, how a new world can develop in extreme conditions.

How it ends - you have to read to find out. I actually got teary eyed towards the end & just wanted a happily ever after for everyone... but is that even possible when one person is a prisoner inside of another's body?
Read & find out

Now, I'm just wondering why there hasnt been more books in this series. C'mon! I'm caught up & ready for the next book now Stephanie Meyer! Get to it!

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